Business English Course Intermediate

This intensive 7-day training program is designed for individuals who already have a basic understanding of English and wish to advance their business communication skills.

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December 3, 2023
December 9, 2023
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Business English Course Intermediate

Course Motivation:

The Business English Course Intermediate aims to equip participants with the necessary language skills and knowledge to effectively communicate and conduct business in an English-speaking environment. Through a comprehensive curriculum and expert seminars, participants will enhance their English proficiency and gain insights into the current and future challenges and opportunities in the business world.

Course Description:

This intensive 7-day training program is designed for individuals who already have a basic understanding of English and wish to advance their business communication skills. The course covers various topics relevant to the corporate environment, including business vocabulary, writing emails and reports, delivering presentations, participating in meetings and negotiations, and more. Participants will engage in interactive activities, role-plays, and case studies to practice their language skills in realistic business scenarios.

Teaching Method:

The course adopts a communicative approach to learning, emphasizing active participation, practical exercises, and real-world application. Participants will engage in group discussions, pair work, and individual exercises to develop their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. The training program also incorporates multimedia resources, such as videos and online platforms, to enhance the learning experience. The course will be conducted primarily in English to provide an immersive environment for language practice.

Course Objectives:

  1. Enhance business vocabulary and language skills.
  2. Develop effective written communication for business purposes.
  3. Improve oral communication in various business contexts.
  4. Enhance presentation and negotiation skills.
  5. Expand cultural understanding and intercultural communication competence in the business world.
  6. Gain insights into current trends and challenges in the global business landscape.

Daily Schedule and Topics Covered:

Day 1: Morning Session:

  • Course introduction and overview
  • Business English essentials: greetings, introductions, and small talk
  • Developing effective telephone communication skills

Afternoon Session:

  • Email writing: structure, tone, and common business phrases
  • Practical exercises: writing and responding to business emails
  • Expert seminar: “Effective Business Communication Strategies” by Professor John Smith, renowned business communication expert

Day 2: Morning Session:

  • Business vocabulary expansion: industry-specific terminology
  • Reading and comprehending business documents: reports, memos, and articles

Afternoon Session:

  • Writing professional business reports
  • Case study analysis: interpreting and summarizing business documents
  • Expert seminar: “Interpreting Market Trends and Business Reports” by Dr. Sarah Johnson, industry analyst

Day 3: Morning Session:

  • Delivering impactful presentations: structure, visuals, and language techniques
  • Practice session: individual and group presentations

Afternoon Session:

  • Effective meeting participation: active listening, contributing ideas, and handling disagreements
  • Role-play exercises: participating in mock business meetings
  • Expert seminar: “Mastering Business Presentations” by Professor Emily Thompson, public speaking specialist

Day 4: Morning Session:

  • Negotiation skills in a business context: strategies, persuasion, and compromise
  • Simulation: negotiating a business deal

Afternoon Session:

  • Cross-cultural communication in business: understanding cultural nuances and adapting communication styles
  • Case study discussion: navigating intercultural challenges in the workplace
  • Expert seminar: “Cross-Cultural Competence in Global Business” by Dr. David Lee, intercultural communication expert

Day 5: Morning Session:

  • Effective networking and relationship-building skills
  • Role-play exercises: networking scenarios and business social events

Afternoon Session:

  • Language for business etiquette: polite expressions, formalities, and business manners
  • Discussion: cultural differences in business etiquette around the world
  • Expert seminar: “Building Professional Relationships in a Global Context” by Professor Catherine Adams, networking specialist

Day 6: Morning Session:

  • Language for negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Role-play exercises: resolving conflicts in a professional setting

Afternoon Session:

  • Business writing skills: proposals, business plans, and marketing materials
  • Practical exercises: writing and presenting a business proposal
  • Expert seminar: “Effective Business Writing Strategies” by Professor Mark Davis, writing and marketing expert

Day 7: Morning Session:

  • Review and consolidation of course content
  • Language assessment: written and spoken proficiency evaluation

Afternoon Session:

  • Future trends and challenges in the business world
  • Group discussion: potential risks and opportunities in the changing global landscape
  • Closing ceremony and certificates distribution

By the end of the Business English Course Intermediate, participants will have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to communicate confidently and effectively in English in various business contexts. They will be equipped to navigate cross-cultural challenges and adapt to the evolving business environment, setting a strong foundation for future professional success.

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